3rd ShanghaiTech-SIAIS BioForum

          Advances and Perspectives in Integrative Biology of 

         Cellular Processes

The theme of the third ShanghaiTech-SIAIS BioForum will be Advances and Perspectives in Integrative Biology of Cellular Processes. The BioForum will discuss new developments in cellular systems that include membrane proteins, macromolecular machines, cellular pathways and host-pathogen interactions, as well as the visualizing of cellular processes using cutting-edge technologies.

The venue of the BioForum will be the Jumeirah Himalayas Hotel in Shanghai. The BioForum will last 3.5 days from November 7 through 10 of this year, and will offer a high level panorama of modern developments in this very exciting and all-encompassing area.

On behalf of the Scientific Governance Board of the Shanghai Institute of Advanced Immunochemical Studies (SIAIS), it is our pleasure to welcome you to the BioForum!

Organizing Committee

  Ernesto Carafoli - Padova 

  Richard Lerner - La Jolla

  Biao Jiang - Shanghai

  Guang Yang - Shanghai

  Mingqiang Zhang - Shanghai

"I would like to extend, on behalf of the Organizing Committee, the warmest welcome to all the attendees to 
ShanghaiTech SIAIS BioForum 2016 !"

Ernesto Carafoli 
Chairman of the Organizing Committee

Local Administration

   Administration Office

Bing Chen, Xiaojun Shao

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Wei Wang, Ke Song


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